The project involves 10 research groups from 5 countries. It includes 15 work packages. Results will be delivered during 4 years of time. Below is illustrated the step by step plan for exerting the experimental part of the project.

Protection against genotoxic/carcinogenic effects
(1) Screening potential preventive effects on carcinogen-induced genotoxicity from agents intended for functional foods in human cells in vitro (HepG2, human fibroblasts).
(2) Investigating the impact of protective agents in rodents with respect to cytogenetic effects cellular molecules, carcinogen activation/detoxification enzymes and ROS.
(3) Assessing protection against tumour induction using the hamster buccal pouch model and gastric carcinogenesis in the rat. Testing of the agent per se will reveal toxicity with respect to the aforementioned endpoints as well as with respect to hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity.
(4) Evaluating in intervention studies the protective potential of the most promising constituents with respect to suppression of chromosomal aberrations andĀ  modulation of hemoglobin adduct levels (as measurement of dose), as well as of the urinary excretion of metabolites from carcinogens in humans exposed to carcinogens that are normally present in their own environment.

Protection against diabetes complicationsĀ and cardiovascular disease (CVD)
(5) Screening of potential protective effects from agents intended for functional foods in fibroblasts, endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells
(6) Screening the beneficial impact of protective substances against atherogenic effects on vascular smooth muscle cells by monitoring the expression of markers relevant for atherosclerosis.
(7) Screening of protective agents with respect to diabetic ocular complications in vitro and in vivo.
(8) Assessing the effects of food supplement constituents in preventing development of diabetes 2 in the mutated db/db mouse, and in suppressing the diabetic symptoms in the diabetic Goto-Kakizaki rat.
(9) Assessing the beneficial effects in humans of selected food supplement constituents with respect to a set of markers indicating risk for diabetes and CVD.